The Spring 2010 New England Actuarial Seminars course for CAS Exam 3L begins on March 11 in New Jersey, near Newark. I will be covering all of the life contingencies syllabus for the seminar's final three days, March 13-15. Preceding the life contingencies sessions, Howard Mahler teaches the other components of the 3L syllabus for 1.5 days, beginning in the afternoon of March 11.

For those wishing to take 3F/MFE as well, Mr. Mahler directs a 2.5 day seminar for that examination, beginning on March 9. Applications are now being accepted at

Please note that this seminar is NOT recommended for SOA students. The coverage of life contingencies in this seminar would not nearly be adequate for the level of questions asked on the MLC Exam. Other seminars are available which are appropriate for SOA students.

If there are questions of any kind about the seminar, see the website above. Also, please feel free to call me at 706-268-1006 or write me at