Hi, all
  My name is Lucy, I am new here, nice to meet you, are you free now? Would you like join me in the discussion about whether should we apply for an internship http://www.nextstepconnections.com/ in China?
  As we all know that with the development of the globalization, the communication and cooperation between foreign countries are becoming closer and closer, and the problem of people who live without satisfied jobs are seem to be obvious. But what shall we do in such a competitive country? Be eliminated? Or believe that only the fittest can be survived from natural selection. In my opinion, no matter how fierce the world is, we should get ready for the coming challenge and be confident. Apply for an internship in China is a good idea.
  China has been one of the world's oldest surviving civilizations whose people have shared a common culture for more than 5,000 years. In recent years, China has emerged from isolation and captured the attention of the world by accomplishing astonishing technical achievements and driving their economy at a dazzling pace. The blending of ancient traditions, technological advancement, economic reform, and government control is creating a new China that is dynamic and cannot be defined in conventional ways. There is no argument that China will continue to make a significant impact on world affairs, but just how and to what extent is the topic of much debate.So, I think it will be a good chance for us to take an internship in China.
  Get ready to try your best to do it, after you have done a good job in the internship in China, then you will experience a new life which is very different from being at school and you will find another sky out of the campus.