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Thread: Things that drive you crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBran View Post
    I was in the best guild on my server - we were ranked top 20 US guild before TBC. A simple /who druid 68-70 was what I typed the last three levels of my grind. TBC came out on a Tuesday, I was level 70 by Saturday morning I think or earlier. I don't remember.
    Must've been a lot of Red Bull but congrats...

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    I got the game and a coffee maker in one stop. Glad those World of '''''''' days are behind me though. Sinkhole of time.

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    People that are never on time, and people that bail out on things last minute.

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    -People who come into the computer lab I work at just to get on Facebook and then are loud and obnoxious. I know what it's like to be trying to study and have people around you talking loudly and giggling and it's not fun.

    -Noisy people in general.

    -The library not having the book I need when I need it.

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    OK, a new one to the list.

    "I'm a rising student, ..." - and this means, ... what? What exactly makes someone a "rising student" and how does that differ from everyone else, who apparently falls into the group of "non-rising students?"
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    Concerning cellular phones which go off during lecture, while i taught an entry level accounting course inside my old univeristy (100 students/session) I'd force students to face up, take their cellular telephone, answer it, and explain in a VERY BRISK MANNER how the student was interrupting my class and that as long as they called again during my class We would give their friend a failing grade for the next homework. I usually only got a couple of phone calls from the first week and do not from then on. It had been clearly outlined within the syllabus this was my policy so there were few ready to try it. Mean? yes. Effective? ABSOLUTELY.

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