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Thread: Thinking of becoming an actuary

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    Thinking of becoming an actuary

    Hi everyone.

    I graduated a year ago with a degree in Materials Engineering. Since then I have not been able to find an engineering job and am considering becoming an actuary. Math has always been my best subject and I enjoy it. I just took an online statistics course that I found to be very interesting. I think one reason I can't get an engineering job is that I am more interested in a career that mainly involves math. I joined this site hoping to determine if a career as an actuary would be a good fit.

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    Hi, sounds like we are in the same boat!
    I graduated in Electronics & Comms last year and cannot find a job!
    I am also planning to go onto actuary but cannot seem to find how? Do you have any useful information yet? As engineer, you might have done Calculus, algebra, stats, etc, i hope...so do these knowledge give you an exemption towards ur Actuary exams?

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