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Thread: Do or Do Not-Taking a semester off for working in a small company

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    Aug 2010

    Do or Do Not-Taking a semester off for working in a small company

    Right now, i have an interview offer on monday, but if i do take this position (research assistant), i'd have to take a semester off. The size of the company isn't big at all, it's a local financial consulating firm.
    Would this opportunity be worth taking off the semester even if it's not one of those well known firm in the business?

    I asked this to a person that i know and he/she said that it's not worth it mainly b/c it's not a prestigious company. He/she said the "big" companies only considers people with interships from "big" firms. i don't know where this persons gettins the idea from but i kind of see the point its trying to make.
    I personally thought it's just the experience that matters the most.

    Does it really matter where you worked? (company wise and location wise(U.S v.s Non-US))
    Any suggestions on this?

    oh btw, this position is held outside US, which i'd guess it'd make the companies name value drop even more, well i donnno, what do you guys think?

    I really need to clear my thoughts on this.

    THX in advances ya'll actuary lovers!

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    Aug 2010
    *how seriously would the american companies in the states take the work experience i have in korea?

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    Jun 2010
    The advice that you received strikes me as very counterintuitive. I imagine that if the job is a good learning experience with skills that you can apply elsewhere, why would the size of the company matter? But not knowing the specifics or the culture, I admit that I might be wrong.

    The other side of the equation is how much of a cost is associated with taking a semester off from school. Would it interfere with your academic goals? Would it be a substantial financial cost?

    Finally, does the position seem interesting to you? Is it something that you want to do? Only you can answer these questions.

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