My apologies to adroit for taking the thread off topic, but I wanted to comment on what ExamTaker wrote.

Yikes! I knew the job market was tough, but reading what you wrote really makes me wonder what it takes. I have two exams so far, 10's on both, a Ph. D. in math, and extensive programming experience. I've had several interviews phone interviews and an in-person interview, but am still unemployed. I would like to know who exactly is getting these jobs and what makes their applications better than mine. I have heard people say that perhaps you can have too many exams, but I have never heard of exam scores being too high. Then again, for all I know the decision could be based on zodiac compatibility.

Though, I would say that your definition of "competence" is only a good start. You also have to be able to work well in a team, be hard-working, flexible, communicate well, and more.