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Thread: Trouble getting first job, any advice is appriciated

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    I'm not going to say that recruiters can't place entry-level positions. They do - it's just more rare. Look around at the number of people trying to get into the field; if you're an employer, you don't need to pay a recruiter to find someone to fill an entry-level position. Thus, applying directly to companies is probably the easier [and more successful] way to go if you're trying to get into the field.

    After you've got a few exams and a few years experience? That's when recruiters become more valuable. If you're entry-level, you can be molded into what the company wants; after you've gained experience, it's harder to do that. Companies looking to fill those 3-6 exam, 2-4 year experience positions can still find those people that have the qualities the employer wants, but recruiters can help find the candidates that match exactly what the employer is looking for.

    So ... if you're still trying to get in, should you use a recruiter? It's not going to hurt; if you've got a good recruiter, that person will give you feedback on your resume, interview skills, and give other suggestions to help you land a job. However, don't use a recruiter and throw all responsibility on his/her shoulders; you need to show some initiative and keep looking yourself, because there will be places that will take an entry-level person that will not talk to a recruiter - and if you don't knock on that door yourself, you're certainly never going to get the chance to walk on in.
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    Make sure to spell check your resume, cover letter and any e-mails you send.
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    With creative marketing, even things that seem unrelated to actuarial work can actually be useful selling points. For example, a consultant dealing with clients needs many of the same skills as a teacher dealing with students. And not many candidates will have that. It's true that you can't make a substitution if you lack a critical skills that the employer needs. But if you have been invited for an interview, you should assume that you have the basic competencies. As competitive as the job market is, I believe that there must be more to success than having a superhero resume.

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