Hi I'm 16 and currently in secondary school. I'm approaching the final few months of my GCSE's and was wondering what I should take at sixth form in order to become an actuary??

My interests are maths (ofcourse) and science. I am aware to become an actuary some knowledge of finance and economics are needed... but these were not available to study at GCSE's so never took them. The reason I want to become an actuary is because I love maths (and science but I'm not too fond of the salaries in science paid sectors; I considered medicine however I feel I'd be taking the place of someone who really wanted to do it).

So could someone give me some example of subjects I could take;I was thinking: Maths, further maths, physics, chem ?

OR if there is a thread that discusses this direct me to it.. I'm new so have no clue as how to use this website :laugh: