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Thread: Not a Career Changer/ Not a Recent College Grad

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    Not a Career Changer/ Not a Recent College Grad

    Hello all!

    So my situation is this. Graduated from a respected university with a BS in applied mathematics in Nov. 2007. Got out of school no internships and decided to jump right into job market. Times were tough and I unfortunately never got a call back for any of the positions I had an interest in. A friend of a friend got me a job as an assistant in Human Resources for a distinguished bank. After working there for 2 years I decided I can't do it any longer. I needed to pay my bills asap and establish myself and now that I've done that I need a relevant fulfilling career.

    I am not too recent a college grad but I'm not a career changer (office assisting isn't really a career anyway!) So where do I fall? All job positions that have caught my eye are internships for college students or are FT positions that want 2 exams passed with some internship experience (I currently have p1 passed and studying for fm2)

    Where can I develop myself in a company? Am I out of luck until I pass fm2? Is it possible to get an internship this late in the game? (I'm only 25 though!) I can totally afford to do an unpaid internship as well.

    Also, how do you list your exams passed on your resume? :Bohoo:

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    Hey this thread is kind of relevant to my situation too. I graduated in May 2010 with a M.S. in physics. I was a research assistant in grad school--but that was for physics, specifically cosmology. I've never done an internship. Regardless, I decided I wanted to become an actuary and I passed exam P. Now I'm studying for FM, but I need to gain some experience! Being paid is not so important, as I have savings that I can live off of for a while. Where do I turn?
    Exam P passed Jan 31st, 2011 - feels good man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trsspidey View Post
    Also, how do you list your exams passed on your resume? :Bohoo:
    At the top, in a separate section. Also include your VEE.

    Quote Originally Posted by purgatoroid View Post
    Where do I turn?
    Passing more exams. It's hard to get a job with two exams.

    Both of you can try for internships, but they're generally given to college undergraduates for various reasons.

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    What do you mean it's hard to get a job with two exams? I'm planning on doing 2, maybe 3 exams before I graduate college. I still have plenty of time, but I don't see myself passing more than 3 exams. I want to get a job out of college.

    Would getting an internship as an undergrand significantly increase my chances of getting a job?

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