I'm a first year student of mathematics, and at some point I have to choose my modules. In the second term of the second year, I have to choose 4 of these:
.7102 Analysis 4: Real Analysis
.7202 Algebra 4: Groups and Rings
.7302 Analytical Dynamics
.7402 Mathematical Methods 4
.7501 Probability and Statistics
.7601 Computational Methods

I was thinking Probability and Statistics, Methods 4, Computational Methods, and Algebra 4?

The third year it gets a bit more complex. I can pick 3 from here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/math/undergradu...%20options.htm with no more than one from the other maths options, and either a fourth one from them, or what would probably be more useful, a fourth one from another department, like the statistics department: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/math/undergradu...ptions0910.pdf . I don't know whether it means per term or per year, I assume per term.

For the first term, I don't know what my two non-other maths modules should be, but the other maths one I think STAT3101: Prob and stats II would be good, then maybe STAT3006: Stochastic Methods in Finance.

Second term, no idea for the maths modules, other maths module should be STAT3102: stochastic processes, and no idea what stats module to take.

And lastly, is there much point in taking a 4th year to make it a masters, or should I just dive into actuarial work?


P.S. Where can I find free materials to start learning actuarial science from?