Hello everyone, sorry for the length. I have an interview for an R programmer positon for an engineering firm that works with actuaries. The engineering firm models damage that would be done to buildings during earthquakes, fires, and other potential dangers by running simulations. Here is the information that I have been given:
The engineers do a bottom up analysis where they assess the damage from the bottom up and see how much damage is done to each part of the building starting with the structure. They then split the costs to different insurance companies for whoever covers what part of the building. The insurance companies do a top down where they take the full cost of fixing all of the building and split costs between the companies by each company not paying more than the max in the contract (this somewhat confused me). The engineers work with the actuaries to understand the insurance companies way and help with the financial part. I will be hired as an R programmer to work for the engineering firm.

I was told I would be tested in R and asked about different functions and how to use them in R. My question is with this type of work what functions are most commonly used? I was also told I would be given pseudo code and told to read/ work with it. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should expect and what are the most common functions used for this type of work? Thank you all for the help.