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Thread: What does this line mean? (extracted frm SOA FAP guideline)

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    What does this line mean? (extracted frm SOA FAP guideline)

    Note to candidates with credit for current Course 5 or Course 7: Candidates with credit for Course 5 will receive credit for Modules 1 through 5 and the Interim Assessment. Candidates with credit for Course 7 will receive credit for Modules 6 through 8, the FAP Final Assessment and the FSA capstone module. Conversion candidates pay $300 for Modules 15 or 68, but will receive access to all 8 modules.

    Does this mean that with credit for course 5 will give exemption to course 1-4? sounds not possible.. if not, what does this mean? thanks if anione cud enlighten me a little....

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    The entire thing refers to an conversion in the education program that the SOA implemented a few years back. References to Modules are NOT the same as Exams or Courses ... so, if you have Course 5 pre-conversion, you DO NOT get everything prior for free.

    FAP = "Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice" which is an e-learning course administered by the SOA. For some more information [the entire mapping]: http://www.soa.org/education/general...n-mapping.aspx
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