Hey all

A new bee here..
I had an interview last week with an Actuarial firm in New York (they specialize in pension plan consulting). Quick question about the salary. A lil about me first -

1. A fresh Ph.D. in math (not stats) (yes - read posts and realized Ph.D. might not really help me with the actuarial field .. but I loved doing it..and was not thinking getting into Actuary until about an year back).
2. Got a 3.96 GPA (does it really matter?).
3. 1 1/2 year of business development managerial experience (while working during my undregrad days), worked on couple of research and teaching projects during grad school (analyzing data a bit)
4. Organized 5-8 conferences (grad school), some were math competitions to attract high-school students others were math, comp-sci and eng. conferences (national and international).
5. 5 years of teaching exp (basic under grad courses ranging from stats - 3 times - algebra to trig to lib arts to calculus 1 and 2 for eng.)
6. Lots of programming experiences - 'know' most of the languages - worked with SQL and other databases n languages as well - but honestly forgot some *embarrassed* - except the one I used in recent years.
(and currently teaching a 5th grader undergrad and grad level math-stats courses (me got lucky) n hez super smart n adorable!!

at peace around PEOPLE - Love to interact - Love math - Love to learn (like all otherz here) .. now the important part..

Don't Havez:
1. Any Actuarial exams/coursework/finance courses/projects related to the field ..umm did take Real Analysis/Harmonic analysis and Prob n Stats grad level courses.
2. No accounting experience (did share trading a little bit - BIT)

Like I said - am a NEW bee in every aspect I guess, but hey am pretty confident and know for sure, I can handle the exams (had a look at couple of them - started reading stuff and all) as well as the client communication and learning other areas whatever is needed for the biz... and am a fast learner (not to sound arrogant)

So u must be wondering, how did you land up with an interview in this market? got super LUCKY .. a friend of mine works at the firm (a small one -15 employees). Someone just left - and they needed urgently needed someone so I applied (they haven't posted the job yet if that matters). After sending the resume - they directly invited me for a personal interview (am guessing it was because its a small company). Anywayz, cool people loved it. They said, if hired - they'll train me wohoo

They seemed interested - asked me to send references and other paper work. So considering this job is in New York (around Yonkers) - what salary should I be expecting. After reading a few posts - realized as a beginner one shouldn't negotiate and all...?
Watz your say (already checked on some websits the range should be sumwhere from 47-57/60) - how much do u think should be fair if u were me?

if it helps:
1. I'll work on OPT basically means - employer doesn't need to pay Medicare+Social Security...which is am told by friends about 8.5%
2. I don't want sponsorship (H1B Visa) for which the rough cost is about $3000, don't know if lawyers cost wil b extra ..

whoopie - that was a long one - thanks for reading such a long post and any comments/suggestions/answers wud be of great help!!! *cheers* n thnx a ton!!