those with a masters in statistics..please feel free to provide some insight and comments....
I dont think I can pass more than 1 or 2 of the actuarial exams. maybe i'll go back to school. i'm no math whiz but i know how to do those exam p problems and can handle some basic multivariate integration stuff..i wasn't trained to memorize statistics..used big formula sheets...will taking graduate applied math courses be ridiculously hard while working full time and maintaining a B average?
i had a hard time in class taking a few calc and probability courses with a bunch of 19 year olds who spoke all sorts of languages in the middle of '''''' me off. i'm too old to deal with that.

a masters in stats must be much easier than boss agreed with me.
i have a bba already and passed calc 2 somehow even tough i gave up on the final exam...after taking TIA i find the integration is much easier to me.
i don't know how people get 4.0s. maybe they can focus on the task at hand better and have fun when their done.