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Thread: List of exams to take for ASA

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    List of exams to take for ASA

    Thsi could yet be the most stupid question ever asked...But, I have searched high and low, but couldn't get a list that lays down the list of exams to pass to get to the ASA designation....

    Please help!!

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    I'm pretty sure its listed there in the catalog.

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    Preliminary Education through 12/31/2006
    Exam P - Probability
    Exam FM - Interest Theory
    Exam M - Life Contingencies and Loss Models
    Exam C - Construction of Actuarial Models

    Validation of Education by Experience Topics

    Corporate Finance
    Economics (Micro & Macro)
    Statistics (Regression and Time Series)

    Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP)
    FAP Modules 1-5
    FAP Exam 1
    FAP Modules 6-8
    FAP Exam 2

    Associate Professionalism Course - one day seminar on ethics and professionalism as an actuary

    *Changes to the system effective 1/1/2007

    1) Exam M is replaced by:

    Exam MLC - Life Contingencies
    Exam MFE - Financial Economics

    2) The topics between FM, MLC, MFE and C are reorganized a bit - see new catalog in 2007 for more details.

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    Thank you!!

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