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Thread: Exam FM/2 Passed!! my lessons

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    Oct 2010

    Exam FM/2 Passed!! my lessons

    I passed the Exam FM/2 on Thursday June 14th. It was my second attempt, I failed the exam in April. This is what I learned, take it as a testimony and I hope it will help at least one other person.

    I initially purchased the ACTEX study manual for Exam FM/2 as I used the ACTEX manual for Exam P/1 when I passed that exam. I had an excellent grasp of the material in the ACTEX manual going into the test, scoring in the 90%s on the practice tests that were supplied with the manual as well as practice problems within the sections. I failed my first attempt miserably (I felt). I went home from the test and licked my wounds for one day. I then came on this website and did diligent research for one more day, and committed to purchasing the ASM manual and buying a 60 day subscription to the Coaching Actuaries website for access to their practice exams. I had only 54 days until the next exam which I registered for when I purchased the ASM manual and the 60-day subscription. The ASM manual was extremely thorough, almost exhaustive regarding the material in each section. The volume of practice questions following each section was impressive and very helpful. The solutions to the problems were very clear and easy to read. This manual, the ASM manual for Exam FM/2, is the one and only one I would recommend to anyone taking the exam fm/2.

    The coaching actuaries website and program was the X-factor for me. If you dont know anything about it, I strongly suggest that you investigate it, I will be using it for every exam I can from here on out. When I completed the ACTEX manual I felt ready. When I finished the ASM manual and was continuing to take the practice tests on the coaching actuaries website I knew I was ready, and the website gave me a definitive metric telling me I was ready.

    When I sat down to take my exam for the second time, and the first question popped on my screen, the feeling I had was completely different compared to my first attempt.

    My background is as follows: I have my BS in Mathematics from Long Beach State, and for the last 8 years I have worked in the Construction Industry, doing construction and on the retail side. I am a married father of three and I have very little time for extensive study sessions while the rest of the family is awake.

    I hope this helps, just one person. I know I should have done more research before my first test, before relying on what I thought worked last time.

    Good luck to you,


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    Oct 2012
    Congratulations. I just passed FM/2 yesterday (Oct. 12, 2012).

    I too failed my first attempt miserably. Rushed to take the exam again during the next testing window. I did better than the first attempt, but still failed. So, I decided to quit rushing and concentrate on learning the material. I also work a full-time job and have to study for my exams in the evening or early mornings before work.

    I discovered that more than one text source is best (I also used this strategy for completing the P/1 Exam). For the FM/2 exam I read all assigned sections from Kellison, Broverman, and McDonald as well doing as many of the weekly problems from Broverman & Ostaszewski and taking dozens of practice tests from Dr. Ostaszewski and Infinite Actuary.com.

    One cannot over-prepare for actuary exams. When you're thirsty for knowledge you do not merely take a sip.

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