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Thread: Is the acturial student internship program would lead t part-time undergraduate study

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    Is the acturial student internship program would lead t part-time undergraduate study

    1)Is the acturial student internship program would lead a student to part-time undergraduate study?

    2)Will the earning from the internship program helps a lot for outstate tuition+dorm fee $60,000?

    3)If i pass all the exams that lead to FCAS before graduate from bachelor, what is the value for getting a master on acturial scence?

    4)If i fail force myself to take and pass all the advanced exam that lead to FCAS before graduate from a bachelor, is it worth to pay the tuition and get a master while still in internship program that is not pay over 100 thousand a year?

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    1) No. No employer is going to pay you to go to school part-time while you're still trying to get a bachelor's degree.
    2) No. See the response above.
    3) Get your FCAS before you graduate with a bachelor's, and then we'll talk about what your career path might be.
    4) Since there are two main requirements to getting into the actuarial field [couple of exams passed, bachelor's degree] getting a master's degree in actuarial science isn't going to do much more that the first two items didn't already do.

    All of that said, based on your comments in this and another thread, I seriously wonder whether you know much at all about the actuarial profession. Your comments seem to be oriented around making as much money as quickly as possible; if that's your motivation for considering this career, you should probably look for a different career - especially if you're going to express that sentiment when talking to prospective employers.
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