My name is Liz and I graduated from college as an econ majored a year ago. Right after I graduated, I became a flight attendant and found it was not right for me... so I quit... I have been unemployed for 4 months now... few interviews and no offer received ( some said I am overqualified and some said I should be looking for a better job.. I applied for cashier, office assistant....)

I have some econ/math background but haven't passed any exams.. I want to know what are the chances are to find an actuarial job especially I don't have any exams passed and no actuarial-type of experience.. and consider preparing for the exams.. it may take months (let's say 7 months) then it will be almost a year gap there.. wouldn't it be more difficult to land an actuarial job?

Please help me and advises are needed : )