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Thread: Career Switchers

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    Career Switchers

    I have a masters in math and have been working as a program risk manager for over 10 years. I would like to become an actuary. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? I'm not interested in going back to school, although, I would take classes as necessary. I have been doing risk for a long time, but not in the insurance relm or financial. Would experience and exams be enough to obtain a job? Looking for any advice, thank you.

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    Yes, it sounds like your experience and education are well suited to becoming an actuary. And fortunately you wouldn't have to go back to school. So the only question would be comparing your current age and life situation to the amount of time required to take exams. You can do this basically by looking up past exams and the syllabi to get an estimate of how much time you'd need to put in. It would take some time and research to find them, download a bunch of pdfs, and see how where you stand. Best wishes!

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