I'm currently a recent June 2012 graduate holding a double-degree in Mathematics (GPA 3.17) and Management Science (GPA 3.41) with an overal GPA of 3.18. I have fulfilled the VEE requirements and I have passed the P/1 Exam in January with a 9. I am sitting for the FM/2 Exam this October hoping to score a 9 or a 10. I look to pass a minimum of 2 more exams in 2013.

Throughout college, I was more interested in learning and ended up taking all the hardest mathematics/economics courses the university offered (all the classes prospective Ph.D students take) and as a result, ended up with a fairly low GPA. Over a year ago, I always wanted to further my studies in graduate school so I didn't care about finding any internships. I have absolutely no work experience aside from private tutoring.

Because of my fairly low GPA and no work experience, I feel as though I will have lots of trouble finding an entry-level job or an internship. Should I consider pursuing a Master's degree in Actuarial Science? I am confident I can achieve a high GPA (in undergrad I took nearly 3-5 upper divisions every quarter).

Or should I just continue passing exams on my own? I just feel like my low GPA puts me out of the race for the 'better' actuarial jobs and the slow start will affect my career in the future.

Any suggestions?