I am a mathematics instructor with over ten years of full-time teaching experience. I hold a Masters degree in mathematics and have a couple of years of doctoral work. The love I used to have teaching has lessened over the years and I yearn for the excitement of going to work and learning new things and working challenging problems.

I've considered actuarial work for years, but never really looked into it. Once I started finding more & more information about actuarial sciences and the exam process, I began to rethink venturing into this discipline. Thank-you internet! While studying for exams I have found that joy I once had with learning & doing mathematics. It feels good to come back "home."

I have one exam completed and I am sitting for FM/2 in 2 days, 2 hours, and 12 minutes. I feel prepared for it thanks to many sources found through various online, actuary resources.

I look forward to an informative experience in these forums. I would especially like to hear and receive any advice from other career-changers like me.