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Thread: Would I be seriously considered?

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    Would I be seriously considered?

    I'm a 37 year old male in the US who is looking into a career change to become an actuary. I have a BS in Mathematics from 2005, but a pathetic 2.17 GPA. I currently work in Worker's Compensation insurance, but on the Customer Service end.

    I'd like to know whether my age or (more likely) my GPA will have a serious negative effect on my chances of getting hired (assuming I have at least one test passed) before spending the money on tests and study programs.

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    Yes either could have a negative effect, but GPA is really the thing. I entered the profession my early 30's with a GPA 2.6ish. I didn't find being older than others an issue at all - I could talk about maturity, perspective, etc. and they were fine with that nonsense. But I was grilled on the GPA intensively, and this was after being looked over by so many companies. Everyone I interviewed with wanted to know why I got such poor marks, and bugged me about individual grades on my transcript. They wanted to know about my lifestyle at the time. Your grades are very low.

    You have a distinct positive - you work in Work Comp insurance. That is a huge advantage for a P&C employer. I think to succeed you would need to put in a very high performance on the exams. Good luck researching the career.

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