Hello there ladies and gents,

I am a 25 year old man who is thinking of pursuing a career as an actuary. I have some essential questions for you.

Are my motivations realistic?

- I am not particularly enthralled by any particular job - rather I am driven by efficacy. Right now I make about 170k a year. But I work 80-90 hour weeks and I am not guaranteed work (contract work.) I would like the opportunity to make similar money at 40 hour weeks and research shows that actuaries can obtain such figures. If there are jobs which fill these credentials and are in demand please notify me of them. (Dentistry/engineering is also an option.)

-What is the most efficient method of becoming an actuary? i dont really want to spend another 4 years pursuing another BA when - let's be honest, college is a joke. A person can be trained or teach themselves for less money and quicker results.

- I have not taken calculus, but i can teach myself if need be. I do have experience in statistics.

What matters most to me is $/hour and a good work/life balance. I am extremely capable both socially and scholastically and this profession seems like a good fit with opportunity for advancement into a management position - which is another big plus for me. What are your thoughts?