Ok, so my GPA isn't terrible, but it isn't great either. My cumulative GPA (between running start, which is just community college), and the University of Washington is about 3.03. My UW gpa alone is not quite as good (2.84 currently). My degree is a BS in math, and I am currently taking some very tough classes (basically I am taking 3-4 math classes that are level 300+ for the next year). I am hoping to pass my first actuarial exam in May of 2013, and then I would like to take my 2nd exam in April of 2014, I graduate in June of 2014. I was wondering, assuming I pass the 2 exams and my GPA doesn't change much, will it be tough for me to get a job as an actuary with that? What are some things, besides simply passing more exams, that I could do to increase my chances in the future? Do you think that if I just got a job for an insurance company before passing the 3rd exam, that would increase my chances of getting a job after passing the third exam?

Also, when I apply for jobs, what should I put as my GPA? I would like to just put 3.03 as my GPA, but the problem is that when you look at my UW GPA, it isn't as good. I don't feel that it is misleading, it just kind of ''''s because my UW gpa isn't great, but that's partially because when I got to UW, I went straight in as a Junior, so I didn't take any easy classes that allowed me to boost my GPA much. Would it be dishonest for me to put 3.03 as my GPA? I actually had to calculate this by hand, because my GPA at community college was 3.17 and I took 91 credits, and then my UW GPA is 2.84, but I've only taken 58 credits (on my official transcript, those are the GPA's that show up, nowhere on them does it show a 3.03). As I get closer to graduating, I am getting more and more nervous about this GPA thing.