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Thread: Employment Opportunities for Foreigners

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    Employment Opportunities for Foreigners


    I received a B.S. in China (math) and M.S. in Singapore (finance), but I'm interested in becoming an actuary in the United States. I've already passed CT6 and CT8 (which, according to SoA, waives me out of MFE and VEE Applied Stats), and I plan on taking P and FM when I arrive. My questions are: do American companies typically sponsor H1 visas for entry-level positions? Will qualifications for an individual in my position be significantly higher than those for residents/citizens, and if so can I compensate by taking more exams or proving myself otherwise? Thanks.

    I guess this has been discussed in the sticky but was somewhat derailed.
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    One thing I am sure is, it is really hard for a non-US citizen/resident to get an entry level position in US because supply is higher than demand.

    If you really would like to work in the States, gain some experience in another field and build up your network. Some days you may be a career changer (If you really want to be an actuary). This would be a better alternative.

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