I am currently a student in Michigan working towards a degree in Actuarial Science. I have done a lot of research and have tried talking to a lot of recruiters and current actuaries but nobody has given me good answers.

1. I am having a hard time understanding the difference between all types of actuaries and how I choose which field will suit me best.

2. How do I get my name out to Actuary Recruiters so that when I graduate I will have less of a hard time getting a job?

3. What are the best ways to prepare for the 1st exam? In order to be with the average student, what year should I take the first exam?

4. I have already purchased the Actex study manual for P and have started looking through it but I am not familiar with much of the math. What type of class do I need to take before I understand it?

5. How do I find internships that are available and where should I start looking?

Thank you for any insight.