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Thread: FM/2 Live Online Review Class June 1st and 2nd

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    FM/2 Live Online Review Class June 1st and 2nd

    ActuaryExamTutor.com is offering the FM/2 Live Online Intensive 2-Day Class on June 1st and 2nd. The highly respected and accomplished Dr. Cross will lead the seminar, providing an excellent final review for students sitting for the June exam. The live seminar will not only provide a forum for students to receive intensive instruction of key syllabus topics and strategies/techniques for approaching FM problems but students will also have the opportunity throughout the seminar to ask questions of Dr. Cross.

    We all know the importance in this economics climate of passing the exams for employment opportunities and career growth. We strongly believe that the overall knowledge students will take away from this intensive class can easily be the difference in passing the FM exam in June.

    Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss the seminar in greater detail and ask any questions which you may have.

    Class size will be kept to a minimum to promote student personalization and to maximize the learning curve for each registered student.

    Please click the link to gain more information regarding the live seminar and to register. http://www.actuaryexamtutor.com/seminars/fm2/
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