I have been reading various posts throughout the internet concerning Actuary Resources. From reading these posts, I'm not sure if everyone understands the purpose of this company. Please allow me explain. Actuary Resources is a Recruiter and Consulting company. Many people from a variety of professions enlist the aid of recruiters to help them land the really "big", better paying jobs with major companies. A recruiter already has a foot in the door whereas most individual applicants do not have. The main function of Actuary Resources is to get you in front of the hiring manager.
Actuary Resources offers a course, that is recommended through the SOA, to prepare students for the Actuary Exam. If you will go to the website of beanactuary.org , you will see there is a 50% pass rate for these exams. I don't know about you, but if I had a 50/50 chance of passing/failing and someone offered me a way to ensure that I would up those odds and pass, I would want to take advantage of that opportunity. Consider how much time, money and hard work that you have put into your education so far. You have made a great investment in your future. Giving yourself a better yield on your investment only makes more sense to me. It is the applicant's choice as to whether or not they enlist the help of a recruiter or additional preparation for success and to have the increased opportunity to sit, face-to-face with hiring managers or not.
To list some of the credentials, Actuary Resources is an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau. In case you are wondering, you cannot buy this rating, it has to be earned. You pay for accreditation with the BBB not the rating. The BBB has been a reliable source of information for consumers for a long time. I would believe I would trust this source over those who doubt any day. You will also find that Actuary Resources has been in business for over 22 years with no legal or misleading conduct (which I find to be amazing in the business world today).
Keep in mind, it is the job of a recruiter to get you in front of the prospective employer's hiring manager. It is up to you to impress the hiring manager enough to land the job. Actuary Resources will do everything possible to prepare you for the interviews, too. Remember, a recruiter does not get paid until you get the job. Actuary Resources is paid by the companies, NOT the candidates that enlist their help. Therefore, Actuary Resources is going to go the extra miles, upon miles to make sure that you are confident and ready for success. If you can land a fantastic job on your own, that's great!
Let me ask you this, how many companies have already turned you down for a job, not returned your calls, will not answer your emails? Candidates get so much further when all someone has to do is pick up the phone and call Mr./Ms. Hiring Manager and say, "I have the perfect candidate for you. When and what time can I send them over?" Please do not allow the negativity and skepticism of other people to stop you from pursuing great opportunities in life.