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Thread: Engineer to Actuary Career Change

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    Engineer to Actuary Career Change

    I was hoping some people would be able to share some of their thoughts on this subject. I am looking to make a career change from Engineering to try and become an actuary. I have a degree in Physics from a top school and an ok GPA. I am 28 years old and have been an Engineer for 4 years now. I plan to take the first exam later this year.

    I am just wondering if it is possible to make this career change so late now that I am 28? Also how hard will it be for me to find a job?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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    Sep 2010
    Age is not an issue. Passing exams and being authorized to work (without the need of a visa) are the two most important items to enter the actuarial field in the USA.

    A question for you is what kind of work you'd like to do, meaning what rate of non-quant versus quant sounds appealing to you.

    Preliminary exams give the false impression that actuarial careers are of highly mathematical nature. Then you get to SOA's FAP requirement and it feels like some kind of MBA project in its most boring sense. CAS Associateship exams are better in this regard and more enlightening about actuary, still not "very" mathematical.

    Depending on your math/quant expectations -and even the skill set you've acquired as an engineer/physicist-, you might be better off skipping actuary altogether and pursue a quant career instead.

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