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Thread: What to major in in college?

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    Oct 2013

    What to major in in college?

    My first career choice is being an actuary but I'm also considering being an electrical engineer. Would it hurt my chances of getting a job if I majored in electrical engineering while still taking actuarial exams?

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    Feb 2019

    Be a math major

    Hello msc123123,

    As a recent college graduate, I have some helpful insight on picking a major. I majored in applied mathematics, and this has drastically improved my chances of getting a career as an actuary. However, some of my friends majored in statistics. One even switched from math to statistics. All of them regretted it, and found their major to be extremely unhelpful in finding jobs post graduation. My advice would be to major in math, and possibly minor in actuarial science. I have one friend who minored in actuarial science, and he had a grand ol' time. I hope this was helpful!


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