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Thread: Hi there..(vancouver)

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    Mar 2007

    Hi there..(vancouver)

    Hi..there..I am glad to find this forum. It really helps me a lot...
    I plan to pursue double major in Actuarial Sciences and Finance..Do u guys have any suggestion?hehe...
    Anyway..I am Indonesian but now studying in Langara College,Canada.I am considering about several good universities to transfer to...such as Waterloo, Illinois, and texas austin...

    thanks ^^

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    Feb 2007
    British Columbia
    Hey Natasya, well, I am living in Vancouver as well~ anyhow, I heard a friend from university of toronto saying that waterloo has really good actuarial science program. you might consider there.

    well, if you are considering U.S. unversities, I heard Drake is a nice choice. there was an interesting article from soa website last time.

    "Entry-level salaries for actuaries are quite good as well. The top salary at Drake last year was $64,000, with a range of $41,000 to $58,000. Also, pay acceleration is rapid, as actuaries achieve various levels of certification (employers typically pay for and give time off for the necessary course work). An actuarial "fellow," a designation typically achieved by the time of age 30, has a salary range of $100,000 to $125,00, Klugman says.

    If plenty of jobs and good pay weren't enticing enough, actuaries also report extremely high levels of job satisfaction compared to other jobs. The job is the only one rated in the top five of every edition of the "Jobs Rated Almanac," first published five years ago.

    Klugman says actuaries tend to like their jobs because they do meaningful work from the get go.

    "The stress tends to be balanced by meaningful challenges," he says. "You get a chance to apply your skills and talents, and you feel like you've accomplished something at the end of the day."

    Drake has the only private actuarial science major in the Midwest and the only program, with a full set of actuarial science courses taught by actuaries, that is exclusively for undergraduates.

    This year there are 181 students majoring in actuarial science at Drake; 65 of those students are from Malaysia, 27 are from other countries and 89 are from the United States.

    Actuarial science majors at Drake learn to analyze the financial consequences of risk and to solve problems created by retirement, unemployment, accident, death and other contingencies of life.

    Source: Drake University"

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