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Thread: Diving into actuarial studies

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    Diving into actuarial studies

    Hi everyone, new and experienced members of actuary.com. My name is John Rainey, I have been preparing to be an actuary since before I went into the eighth grade. Although, it seems I wasn't looking in the right direction until recently. I have always taken a certain amount of competitiveness towards mathematics and people skills come easy. I am preparing to take my P/1 in March, I would welcome any others who are as well to send me an e-mail and stay in contact. A little more about me, I am 22 years old with a few years of college and a few years of floor level industry work. I love to play chess, I am an Eagle Scout (BSA), and I was the captain of my high-school soccer team for a year and a half.

    any questions, surely, feel encouraged.


    I do know how to swim as well.

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    Hello, nice to meet you!

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