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Thread: Integration in Actuarial Field

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    Integration in Actuarial Field

    So in my Calc 2 class, we have to write an essay on integration and how it is applied in our field of work. I am interested in becoming an actuary and was wondering if actuaries use integration at all?

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    Integrals are not used "per se". This might sound disappointing (it did to me) in College, more so if pedagogy is both blunt and incomplete. Unless you get into research, the closest you'll get to integrals is by means of summations.

    However, knowing integral calculus is relevant because with it you'll abstract and handle probabilities (risk), averages, and other concepts & parameters that actuaries use in their day-to-day work.

    An actuary would also use numerical software. Although the implementation of these programs are based on summations, the algorithm design and the understanding of it stem from integrals (plus other mathematical tools).

    Hope this helps.

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