You don't have to answer to everything but if you can provide me with any information on any of these questions, it would already be very helpful.

1) Which major would you pick and why? Actuarial Science at UC Santa Barbara or Statistics at UC Davis?

2) If the intention is to become an Actuary, which one would be the smartest choice? My family says that if I majored in Statistics I would have a vaster ''''' of job options in front of me after graduation. However, I wonder if the lack of classes focused on passing the exams would eventually be a problem in the future.

3) I know the Department of Actuarial Science at UCSB is relatively new and not as prestigious as those of other schools. Does university prestige make a difference in this profession?

4) And finally, does your major really matter? (I've read on a different thread that some employers tend to look down on students majoring in Actuarial Science, although on many other threads people say the major does not matter) The posts are really old and I would appreciate a more contemporary view of this topic.

My background and general info:

I'm a transfer student. GPA 3.33 (I read that the GPA resets once you transfer to a 4-year university)

I couldn't find information anywhere in order to make my decision. I thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank you