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Thread: What jobs do actuaries like to see on resumes

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    What jobs do actuaries like to see on resumes


    I am looking for a job for the summer. I will be a graduate math student in the Fall so I want a job that is part-time but where I can utilize skills that will later look good when I apply for an actuary job. I was thinking of a job in bookkeeping or as an accounting assistant. The problem is that I haven't had any luck in getting any of these jobs because they want people with job experience in these fields. It seems like I'm stuck. :Sad:

    My previous employment was tutoring and substitute teaching. Employers don't seem to respect anything having to do with tutoring or teaching which doesn't make sense because it requires a lot of communication skills and knowledge in various subjects. Usually when I've interviewed with employers they are somewhat condescending when they ask about my previous teaching or tutoring jobs. That is one of the reasons why I want to get a job that doesn't have to do with education.

    In almost every interview I have gone to the interviewer says the same thing, "Oh, I wasn't good in math when I was in high school or college." I never know how to reply to this. It's strange that I was always very studious throughout my life and I'm the one struggling now to get a decent job. If anyone has any suggestions about other jobs that I might not have thought of, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Maybe I'm unusual, but I would see past math teaching or tutoring as a plus. (That might be because I've done it.) It implies ability to communicate as well as learn difficult concepts. Tutoring college calculus or upper-level math seems especially helpful.

    Other good choices might be systems analyst, statistical researcher, or tax service.
    I thought this WAS a real job

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