Hey ladies and gents

I figure this question has been a million times, however it does not look like there have been any recent comments ( like the past couple years), so I figure I ask in order to get a view on jobs in the world of the actuaries today.
I currently live in downstate NY ( Long Island). I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Stony Brook University. I been trying to find a way to become an actuary since I graduated and even beforehand. I was able to pass Exam P and I have sat for Exam FM . The jobs I have on my resume do not scream, speak, or even whisper actuary in any way.

What can I do to become an actuary in this time and age today ? Should I focus on rapidly passing FM and MLC so I show that I prove that I am dedicated to this craft? Is there any other skills or programs that I should learn on my own time in order to make my resume stand out from those with internships and experience ?

Thanks for all your help.