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Thread: Is your boss a nice person?

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    Is your boss a nice person?

    Is your boss a nice person?

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    I've had three boses since I started my career and they've all been great. They've all given me the freedom to make decisions and learn while being there for guidance and to answer any questions I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ericeric View Post
    Is your boss a nice person?
    I have only been working for a very short amount of time, but I love my boss. She is nice and extremely supportive. She never sets her expectations of me too high which translates into me feeling like I can actually accomplish things (a good feeling for a new hire).

    My boss's boss is also great. I had a meet-n-greet with him the other day. It was scheduled for 15 minutes but we actually had a lot to talk about (we grew up two cities away from each other, we both play chess, etc.) so it went much longer. He has actually come over to my desk a few times to 'check up on me.'

    My boss's boss's boss is great too, but I don't have much experience dealing with him. He is usually too busy to be around the office long enough for me to say hello. Even our meet-n-greet was short because he had a meeting! But the coworkers like him a lot.

    Now I believe my boss's boss's boss's boss is the CEO so I doubt I will ever meet him any time soon. But he IS the CEO... so I think that makes him the most wonderful boss of all...

    So in my experience, all of my boss's are very likable and hence, yes, my boss (and bosses) is a nice person (are nice people)!

    - junk

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