Hello everyone,

I am an undergraduate student looking to pursue a career in acturial science . I have a few questions regarding the prelimanary exams and VEE (validation through educational experience) requirements. First off ,how did you guys find the time to study for the preliminary exams in your undergraduate years? I am currently taking 16 credit hours as a junior and I work on the weekends. The first preliminary SOA exam P requires 300 hours of study to pass, If i'm correct. My second question is that why do you have to receive a B or higher in all your VEE requirements ? I received A's in Macro and Micro economics but unfortunately my professor for econometrics was very unhelpful, 50% of the class failed the final exam and I ended up receiving a C. Do I have to retake the class in order to fulfill the VEE requirements? Can you even start your career as an actuary if you have not received a B or higher in your VEE requirements? I would also like to mention that I have already taken calculus 3 and statistics (non Calculus).