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Thread: Passing FM with 210 hours of study?

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    Actuary.com - Level V Poster sohpmalvin's Avatar
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    May 2007

    Passing FM with 210 hours of study?

    Hi everyone,

    I plan to sit for the FM paper in the coming November. Because I will have semester break for 3 months after the end of September, I will only start studying for it at the end of September, having no finance background. I have already got used to studying for many hours a day, so, I think I can make 5 hours of study everyday. In total, I will have spent about 210 hours for this exam.

    Can anyone please give some comment and advice about this?


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    Actuary.com - Level I Poster
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    Feb 2007
    There's no way anyone can tell you whether 210 hours will be sufficient. 100 hours per hour of the exam is just a guideline. Some people can get by on 150 hours of studying, while others might need over 300. I'm assuming you already took P, so I would use that as a good judgment as to how much time you need for this exam.

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    Actuary.com - Level VI Poster Ken's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    I'd say more than sufficient.
    Whether you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be running.

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    Actuary.com - Level IV Poster Anu Dhanuka's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    hey even m from non financial background...m taking exam P this aug, and planning for FM in november....will 3 months preparations sufficient for me, and what all are the best study guides for this exam...
    Please suggest.

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    Actuary.com - Newbie Poster
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    Jun 2007

    Yes if you can cover derivatives part.

    i think 200+ is enough for FM. IF
    you can cover Markets Derivatives fast. Coz i think this time they will come up with harder questions than May sitting.

    Derivatives are more concepts than calculation. Interest Theory (it's easy to understand the concepts but requried lots of practice)

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