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Thread: Actuarial student applying for non-actuarial jobs?

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    Question Actuarial student applying for non-actuarial jobs?

    I'm a college student double-majoring in Math and Economics.
    Having passed an actuarial exam earlier this year, I am wondering whether
    or not that this accomplishment should be included in my resume when I apply for non-actuarial positions.

    For actuarial jobs, it is conventional wisdom to put your exam history at the top of your resume. Would you even bother to put it on a resume if you're applying for say, a position in I-banking?? If you do put it on a resume, where would you put it?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Actuary.com - Level VI Poster Ken's Avatar
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    Depends whether you have enough of other accomplishments to fill the rest of the page. Probably move it closer to the bottom.
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