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Thread: Passing %

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Czar52 View Post
    idk why they would put questions on the exam that would waste your time like that. I am under the impression that they might weight certain questions more than others depending on difficulty, importance, etc. but I can't imagine questions on the test being thrown out completely unless it was later determined that the question was worded very poorly. Anyone know for sure though, I am just taking a guess at what they do?
    My guess is to gauge the suitability and level of difficulty of new problems introduced to the pool of exam questions based on examinee responses. The examiners would have more trouble assessing these problems themselves because they know too much, nor can they evaluate them by giving them to a random sample of students from the general public. If they toss in new problems without having evaluated them in some fashion beforehand, it could cause more problems between preliminary CBT scores and final official results not to mention the potential increase in the number of poorly worded or written test questions (from the perspective of a student) within the pool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durh View Post
    Dear Dr. O,

    I apologize for not taking what you say upon faith. I didn't know that you were above questioning.Durh
    What in my post could possibly be interpreted this way? Do you know what persnickety means? It is a core characteristic of a true actuary. Look it up. For an actuary, it's a compliment. Like the actuary who was traveling on a train, and was listening to a small boy telling his mother: "Look, Mommy, a cow!". The mother says: "What color is it?". The boy: "Brown". Mother: "Yes, that's right!". And the actuary says: "Excuse me, but based on available evidence you can only conclude that it is brown on this side."

    I like persnickety. It's a mark of a true actuary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Durh View Post
    Please forgive my ignorance. I didn't know that they publish exams with which you could possibly gauge someone's performance on a given sitting afterwards.
    How do you mean? All published exams are linked at the SOA and CAS web sites. Course P past exams were never published. So I do not know what color this cow it, based on available evidence. But my students, as I am sure all students do, look up the test and preliminary answers the moment they are out, and always try to figure out in advance how many they got right. I have seen these attempts to determine the number they got right for years. And based on that evidence, I am quite certain that 60% failrs and 70% passes. Could I be wrong? Of course yes. But I doubt I will be off by much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Durh View Post
    If you don't mind sharing, where are the published exams that you mentioned? I'm certain that this valuable information would benefit all of us. I thank you in advance for your time.Durh
    The ones at the SOA and CAS web sites:

    Want to know how to pass actuarial exams? Go to: smartURL.it/pass

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    I wouldn't say that all published exams are linked on the website since they don't show a lot of the older exams. The manual authors have these older exams saved on their computers.

    I can no longer find the exam P syllabus after they changed their website layout (which is extremely poorly done in that it's difficult to find the syllabus). I thought they had a link to 100 previous exam questions which they felt are still relevant to exam P.
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