Hi Folks ... discovered this board for the sole purpose of tearing off the veil a frustrating recent discovery.

I am American living overseas long-term - been based outside US for 10 years now & no current plans to return. Started shopping for term life 10yrs, US$1.0-mil of coverage. I found a wide range of choices offering annual premiums on the order of US$750-US$1,200 or thereabouts.

But, NONE OF THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO EXPATS, or Americans who don't physically reside in the US. Been searching high & low across multiple countries/regions and the best deal I can find is ~US$1,700+ per annum.

In a nutshell, why is that??? Doesn't seem to make sense at all. For instance, Singapore comparable rates are US$2k - and that from Singapore-based arm of US companies?? Don't try to tell me mortality rates are that much lower in US ... I won't believe it. What is going on?

Is there some 'actuarial science' behind this real world price difference or am I, as an expat, getting the shaft?