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Thread: Thinking about Changing Careers

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    Thinking about Changing Careers

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to break into the actuarial field. I was a Finance major in college. I read that passing the first exam would be a good start so I signed up for the one in September and have been brushing up on my calc skills but have no probability training. It is unlikely I will be able to pass but I would like to give my best effort. Can anyone recommend how best to study for the probability on these exams? Thank you.

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    changing careers

    Well, the concentration on exam p is strictly probability. Calculus is helpful, as you will be doing a lot of integration. HOwever, there won't be any questions related to calculus explicitly. If you have not had any formal training in probability, then I suggest taking some courses in Probability before you venture into taking exam P, as it is difficult!. Difficult means 40% passing rate.

    I hope this helps

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    I too have made the goal to a career change to the actuarial field. I considered actuarial science out of high school, but an extremely difficult AP calculus course and the threat of all the infamous exams deterred me. It turned out I got a very easy 5 on the Calc BC exam, as my course was designed to be much more difficult than necessary, in order to prepare us.

    Anyway, I've been working for a large I/T consulting firm for the last 4+ years and have gotten into project management, but it's just not where I need to be. I can't help the fact that I'm a math guy and always will/should be.

    I took Exam P in May and scored a 5, with a 6 needed to pass. I wasn't overly upset, as I just wasn't quite ready for the exam. I am taking it again in September and am studying much more intelligently and thoroughly.

    All that said, considering my professional corporate experience, is it likely I will have to pass at least the first TWO exams in order to get hired, or is it distinctly possible that I will be hired after passing Exam P and assisted through the next set of exams?

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