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Thread: Is knowledge of Accounting an absolute requirement to become an Actuary?

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    Question Is knowledge of Accounting an absolute requirement to become an Actuary?

    I'm deciding whether I should take Actuarial Science or Actuarial Science / Finance at my university.

    The major difference in the two is that in Act Sci / Finance, I have to take two accounting courses; while in Act Sci, I don't have to take an accounting course.

    Is accounting on any of the Act-sci exams?

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    I don't recall that accounting is on the exams but it is extremely useful to have at least a basic understanding of the concepts. If I could go back in time to college I'd take some accounting courses. I'm in financial reporting so I use it every day; my pricing counterparts have to understand how the accounting works so they can present projections on the basis they're actually reported. That doesn't mean every actuary needs accounting, but it sure helps in my line of work.

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