I created a resume and had an FSA/principal friend of mine look it over. He thought it was good and didn't have any recommended modifications to it. Anyway, I'm looking to get it out there and hoping the fish will bite.

FWIW, here's where I'm at: 2 exams passed, BS Mechanical Engineer with 3.3 GPA from a top 20 university, currently a mechanical engineer, previously a submarine officer

Just a few questions about finding a job:

1. Is there any benefit to being selective about putting your resume out there? Can it be harmful to put your resume out to too many places all at once?

2. My FSA friend recommended a recruiter who is a friend of his and whom he knows has placed many actuaries into jobs in Minnesota. I submitted my resume and personal info to her last Tuesday, including mentioning that my friend had recommended her, but I have not heard back yet from her. Perhaps I'm being a little too impatient; maybe she's just on vacation. Anyway, do recruiters typically respond to candidates submitting resumes right away, asking for more info about me and/or the job I'm looking for, or at least just confirming they have my resume? Would I be annoying or desperate-sounding to inquire if she got my resume? What sort of response should I expect and how soon should I expect it?

3. Is it best to work with just one recruiter, a couple recruiters, or as many as possible? Is there a good way to determine if a recruiter will be helpful or a waste of time? Any large recruiters you particularly recommend?

4. Is it at all helpful to post a resume on Monster, HotJobs, etc.?