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Thread: HELP!! Finance major student love Actuarial Sci, choose what Finance courses??

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    Jun 2008

    Question HELP!! Finance major student love Actuarial Sci, choose what Finance courses??

    Hi, i am a junior and strongly interested in becoming an actuary and would liek some help in deciding what type of course i should take for the next two years.

    I currently study at UMass, unfortunately there is no Act Sci major =(
    So I plan to chhoose major in Finance. I love math and also good at it. However I didn't take a lot higher-level courses in Math. I am planning to do so.

    At this moment I have a decision to make, that is which concentration in Fianace I should choose, given the situation that I want to be an actuary...
    ( or maybe I can ask which one is more related to the Act field...)

    either---Corporate Finance
    course: 302 Advanced Corporate Finance
    412 Bank Management

    course: 413 International Finance
    422 Financial Engineering

    Also I am planning to have a minor in IT (thought it might be helpful after graduating...). I don't know if it's necessary or even better in major in Math if I want to become an Actuary in the future. I am afraid if I changed my major I would not graduate on time, spring 2010, due to the course load or whatever....

    All suggestion are helpful

    Thank You VITA

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    Oct 2007
    You should take the Corporate Finance course as it should probably help with the VEE requirements, check the SOA website for which classes they will accept from your university. The other courses although they will help you with MFE probably, aren't really necessary. A major in math isn't necessary but you should understand that level of math that is required to pass the preliminary exams. At the minimum you should have a working knowledge of Calc 1 and 2 and be apt enough in math to teach yourself double integrals and a few other topics from Calc 3 (if you haven't taken that course). Course 1 does not test those topics directly (as it once did) but rather implicitly since you will be required to use topics from those classes and apply them to prob./stats/ problems. If you can squeeze in a calculus based probability course, that would be a good class as well. Good luck.

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    Jun 2008
    NoMoreExams,Thanks for the advice. =-)

    I took the Calc I and II in my freshmen yr and Calc III in my sophomore year. I think I did them well then, and I have to review them before I am ready for the first exam(prob in this fall). Plus I do think I need learn more about STAT, since I only learned the basic business stat.
    thanks again. and I will go check the SOA website for the class.

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