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Thread: MS Access: which version?

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    MS Access: which version?

    As I consider what could aid my job search, I'm thinking it would be a big help to me to learn MS Access. However, which version should I learn? Does it matter?

    I currently have access (no pun intended) to the 2000 version. I would imagine that no actuarial firm that uses Access would be on such an old version, but would knowing Access 2000 be good enough? Should I buy Access 2007? Are firms using 2007 already, or are most firms still not there yet? (If actuarial firms are like my engineering firm, they don't upgrade to the newest software very often.)

    So basically, I can learn Access 2000 for free, or I can buy a newer version? Is it worth it to buy a newer version, or would knowing the old 2000 version be good enough? Thanks.

    (BTW, if anyone can also answer my VEE question, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.)

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    We still have applications using Access 97 (insurance companies aren't the fastest ones to adopt new technology).

    Learning 2000 should be fine. The concepts are similar across most versions.

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