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Thread: Online school, help!!!

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    Online school, help!!!

    I have an issue that has been bothering me.

    I attend an online school, since I'm not able to attend a brick-and-mortar school. My issue is that the school I attend doesn't give grade letters or GPA's for grades. They only provide PASS/FAIL grades. The school transcript and website explain that PASS grades are equivalent to at least a 3.0 GPA.

    I am worried that when I go to apply for actuarial positions, not being able to list a GPA on my resume, and then having to explain the PASS grade may prevent me from getting the jobs I am looking for. I am able to calculate my GPA though, based on the grades I receive. I could just provide a GPA on the resume and explain it in the interview. I have also considered comparing it to the actuary exams, where they technically provide a grade, but a PASS score is all that really matters.

    For those of you with any experience, will this hold me back? Which approach would work, if any of them? Any alternative suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Get your bachelor's, pass a couple of actuarial exams, and the GPA won't matter much.
    I thought this WAS a real job

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